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Life After LASIK

So you’ve thought about LASIK eye surgery and all the details of the procedure itself, including the medical and financial aspects. You also have probably spent time thinking about what having great vision might feel like, and how happy you’ll be once you’re done with your surgery and smoothly through your LASIK recovery. But have you let yourself get really excited about all the benefits you’ll get to enjoy post- laser eye surgery? Have you spent some time daydreaming about what comes after LASIK? Here’s a sneak preview.

A Speedier Morning Routine

Whether guy or gal, who doesn’t want to get out the door faster in the morning? Before LASIK, your morning routine likely consists of a shower and breakfast, all done in a blurry haze. And at some point during the process, you stop to do some thorough hand washing and put your contacts in so you can actually see what you’re doing. Depending on the contact solution you use and how much ease you have with putting in contacts, this step could take a little while (or even be a bit frustrating). Or if you wear glasses, you might spend some precious A.M. moments wandering around the house trying to find your glasses (which, as many of us know all too well, is extremely hard to do when you’re not wearing your glasses).

 Once you’ve had your LASIK surgery and are fully recovered, your morning routine can be a breeze. Wake up, have breakfast, and shower. Fewer steps and far fewer hassles, too.

Easier Time with Physical Activities

Sports or other physical activities and poor vision do not go hand-in-hand. And while glasses and contacts can help you perform and participate more easily, they can also create some impediments of their own. For instance, think about the college student in dance class who has to wear glasses. How can she comfortably (and safely) pirouette and leap without worrying her glasses may fall off (or actually having them fall off)? And there’s also the matter of still seeing some blurriness in your periphery when you wear glasses that can get in the way of certain sports or activities. Or what about the young professional who plays on an amateur baseball league? When it’s allergy season and he’s wearing his contacts, he has to choose between not being able to see the ball or having extremely irritated eyes from the combination of contacts and allergies. It’s a lose-lose situation. 

Glasses and contacts serve a great purpose, but they aren’t always ideal. If you’re very active or enjoy physical and outdoor activities, you’ll love how it feels to partake in these pastimes after LASIK. What comes after LASIK laser eye surgery is freedom to enjoy doing what you love to do without restrictions.

No More Prescription Updates or Associated Costs

 And, finally, take a minute to crunch some numbers. Jot down how much you’ve paid for contacts, contact solution, glasses and prescription eye exams over the years (or make an estimate). This is how much money will be staying in your pocket from now on. After LASIK, you’ll still need annual eye exams to make sure your eye health is in good order and that nothing changes with your eyesight. But you won’t need to have the additional exams that are used to figure out your exact glasses or contacts prescription. And you won’t need to buy them anymore, either. 

So as you plan your LASIK procedure, allow yourself to get excited. This is a big step toward more ease, more freedom and more savings. You should let yourself daydream a little about what comes after LASIK. And, as always, contact us if you’d like to schedule a LASIK consultation.