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Meet our Newest LASIK Technology, iDESIGN®, and All the Benefits that Come with It

At Horizon, we’ve always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of new corrective eye surgery procedures, which includes staying on top of new and improved technology. To this end, we’ve been using top of the line CustomVue iLASIK and KAMRA technology to power our LASIK procedures- with great results.

And now, we’re embracing the latest in even more deeply personalized LASIK to our practice, the iDESIGN® Advanced Studio System. Here’s a little more about what you and your eyes stand to benefit from this new technology.

Precision in Measurement & Mapping

When it comes to corrective eye surgery procedures, it’s normal for a patient to feel some hesitation. But you can rest assured that iDESIGN® is tested and proven. It also improves the LASIK experience, which was already top-notch. 

Now with iDESIGN®, we can get measurements that are 25 times more precise than ever before. IDESIGN® captures imperfections that can’t be detected by conventional methods, by using a high-definition sensor with five times the resolution of previous technology. This allows us to capture over 1,200 data points, measuring each eye’s unique imperfections. 

The iDesign is used worldwide and trusted by organizations with the highest safety standards, including NASA and the U.S. Military. This technology makes it possible to reduce or eliminate refractive errors, including higher order aberrations, of the full optical system. And based on this level of precision, our doctors can then plan a customized treatment that is uniquely yours. 

How it Works

Just like with the previously used mapping system the iDesign is paired with the iFS Femtosecond laser providing a completely bladeless procedure. The first step of the procedure takes place with the making of a 3-D map of your eyes’ imperfections. This is done by using eye-mapping technology that measures how your eye processes light. Next, the surgeon uses an ultra-fast laser to create a thin flap that prepares the cornea for treatment. And finally, the doctor will use an ultra-precise laser to gently reshape your cornea to the desired curvature, based on the precise plan created by your personalized eye map. With iDESIGN®, you’ll get all the benefits of precision from technology that functions like a ‘computer brain,’ used under the experienced hands of a skilled, leading eye surgeon.

What Other Patients Have Said

Studies have shown that more than 96 percent of patients who got the iDESIGN® procedure was willing to recommend it to their friends and family, and more than 91 percent of patients said they were “satisfied” to “very satisfied” with their vision afterward. And the best news is that IDESIGN® is available at our practice now.

Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted or have mixed astigmatism, you could be a great candidate for the iDESIGN® procedure. Contact us to learn more or schedule a LASIK consultation.