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Our New Surgical Center

Horizon Eye Specialist & Lasik Center surgeons have lead the effort in opening a new premier eye surgical center.   Dr. Robert McCulloch and Dr. Harmohina Bagga have partners with other surgeons and with the help of our dedicated staff members built a beautiful new facility.  At Eye Surgery Center at the Biltmore, we offer advanced surgical procedures such as corneal outpatient surgery and cataract technologies such as Tecnis, Crystalens, ReSTOR, and the Acrysof Toric IOL. The new surgical center of Horizontal Eye Specialists & Lasik Center is situated at the Biltmore Medical Mall on the first floor. The center uses the services of well experienced technical and nursing staff, many of which work as well is our other locations.

The medical care provided in this center is as personal and respectful as in our other locations. High-tech infrastructure helps us to provide a friendly environment to the patients. The surgical center is constructed focusing mainly on the patients – you will experience that from the moment you enter our welcoming lobby for eye patients and their family members. The lobby has a soothing atmosphere that helps you relax before and after surgery. Three operating rooms were built with the highest standards of safety and comfort in mind. The center was constructed following LEED guidelines with great indoor air quality, energy, materials, products and water efficiencies. This high performance, green method of building includes setting up adequate parking facilities for carpoolers.

Eye Surgery Center at the Biltmore has the services of an ambulance for patients who need an eye surgery and cannot arrive/leave independently. The center provides a positive environment to its patients, resulting in better operational results. As in our other locations, the center respects the privacy of all patients and will not provide the personal information of patients to other parties without their prior consent. Patients expressed their appreciation to the efficient and cost effective services provided at the new eye center. Horizontal Eye Specialists & Eye Surgery Center at the Biltmore aims to serve patients and exceed their expectations. At the same time, the center set a goal to encourage its employees’ professional growth and performance. Employees are cooperative with each other and a high level of teamwork can be seen as a specialty of this eye surgical center.

The doctors and staff of the new center are here to explain any type of surgery, its outcome and post-operative care to the patient and his/her family in detail. The doctors will also instruct you how to prepare for the surgery and in some cases suggest adopting new habits to enhance the patient’s health. Treatments are customized to each patient’s needs, based on their medical history and current condition.

We aim to offer excellence in all areas of ophthalmology. You are welcome to call (602) 279-2434 to find out more about the facility or visit the new surgical center’s website www.EyeSurgeryAZ.com where you can read FAQs and fill out online forms, allowing you to shorten the time you will spend at the center prior to surgery.