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Sunglasses & Glasses: Try (Virtually) Before You Buy

We’re so excited to share that our optical center, Horizon Optical, offers a brand-new feature that allows patients to try out glasses and sunglasses virtually. Here are some of the details, and how to give it a try yourself.

Try Virtual Eyeglasses Online

For many people, shopping for eyeglasses and sunglasses is a necessity - but one that can come with a certain amount of frustration. If you don’t know which frame type best fits your face shape or are unsure of current styles, going into an optical center to try on frame after frame in front of other people can be a dissatisfying experience. 

Fortunately, with our new virtual try-on capability, finding flattering frames has never been easier. Just head to the Horizon Optical page on our website and select the location that works best for you. You’ll be taken to an online frame gallery with hundreds of in-stock options that range from classic to trendy, subtle to bold and everything in between. 

How Does It Work?

Once you find a style that interests you, click the “try-on” button. You’ll see a pop-up box appear that shows your face using your computer’s camera. Instantly, you’ll see the frames you chose on your face. 

Patients love that they can move around while virtually trying on glasses, and see how they look from multiple angles. You can also download a photo of what you look like in a given pair of frames, so you can later compare them or show your loved ones to get their input. 

Endless Array Of Choices

The best part is that our experts at Horizon Optical are well-versed in the greatest brands, most attractive frames and highest quality lenses. So when you participate in a virtual try-on, you’ll be browsing a carefully curated collection of the best of the best. Scroll through women’s and men’s eyeglasses, along with women’s and men’s prescription sunglasses online, all from the comfort of your home. 


You’re always welcome to head on into one of our Horizon Optical locations and try different styles in-person as well, but starting with the virtual try-on is a convenient way to save time while figuring out what looks work best for you. Ready to give it a whirl? Get started here today!