Are All OTC Eye Drops Equal?

We’ve all been there. Your eyes are bothering you in one way or another, and you head to the drugstore to find eye drops that might give you relief. But once you get to the eye care shelves, you might be completely overwhelmed. With so many options, what’s the best method for how to choose eye drops? Should you just pick the cheapest one that claims to help your particular eye condition and check out? Not so fast. The truth is that all eye drops are not of the same quality. Here’s what we recommend.

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Why Do My Eyes Burn?

Do your eyes burn? Are they red? Does the vision get blurry only to get better after heavy blinking or eye rubbing? Do your eyes frequently tear? There are many reasons why someone’s eyes would burn and tear. The most common reason is blepharitis. Thankfully, the problem is easy to understand and frequently treatable at home.

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Managing and Treating Dry Eyes for Summer in Phoenix

We’ve written about the uncomfortable effects of seasonal allergies, but what about the extreme dryness that can come with the summer months? If you live in Phoenix, dry eyes often feel like a part of life during the hottest times of the year. But you don’t have to suffer through this. Here’s some guidance about how to prevent dry eyes, along with which dry eye treatment could work for you.

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Treating Dry Eye with Amniotic Membrane Grafts

If you’ve ever suffered from dry eyes, you know just how irritating the condition can be. Not only are your eyes obviously lacking moisture, but there are also other symptoms that often accompany it too. Your eyes may be red, stinging or particularly sensitive to light, or you might even feel like there’s something gritty in them. Whatever particular combination of symptoms you have, they’re likely very uncomfortable. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably high time to consider dry eye treatments. Here’s a look at one - amniotic membrane grafting - and how it can help.

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Top Treatments for Dry Eye

If you’ve suffered from dry eye disease or even just an occasional dry eye, you understand how irritating dryness can be. But, you don’t have to suffer any more. The good news is that there are dry eye treatment options like Lipiflow, and new treatments like AmnioGraft, that can help. Here’s some information about dry eyes and how to treat them. 

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