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Treating Dry Eye with Amniotic Membrane Grafts

If you’ve ever suffered from dry eyes, you know just how irritating the condition can be. Not only are your eyes obviously lacking moisture, but there are also other symptoms that often accompany it too. Your eyes may be red, stinging or particularly sensitive to light, or you might even feel like there’s something gritty in them. Whatever particular combination of symptoms you have, they’re likely very uncomfortable. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably high time to consider dry eye treatments. Here’s a look at one - amniotic membrane grafting - and how it can help.

Treatment Overview

We usually recommend that people with dry eyes start by using preservative-free artificial tears and then progress to additional treatments as needed. If you’ve tried such methods already and are still struggling with dry eyes, amniotic membrane grafts might be the next step to consider.

As the name indicates, amniotic membranes are retrieved from the inner part of the placenta which is full of stem cells. It might sound strange, but this is done completely ethically and safely.

When it comes time for your treatment, the doctor will apply a numbing drop to your eyes and then cover the front of the eye with the membrane (which will be attached to a flexible round ring). The application takes mere minutes, but your eyelid(s) will need to be taped shut for about a week, to allow the membrane to be absorbed by the corneal tissue.

After this is complete, the flexible ring will be removed. Over the coming weeks and months, the stem cells will help restore and rejuvenate your dry eyes and the effects typically last for years.

The process is not painful and most patients don’t even report it being uncomfortable. The most difficult part of recovery is the fact that your eye(s) will need to remain closed for typically 7-10 days, but most people agree this is a small price to pay to have long-term relief from severe dry eyes.

If you’re struggling with dry eyes, the best thing you can do is book an eye exam today. Our skilled doctors will be able to help you understand your situation better, and the best treatments for you.

Interested in learning more about this option, and looking for an “eye doctor near me?” Contact us today!