3 Types of Sunglasses to Avoid

Everyone has heard about the benefits of wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes, but this doesn’t mean that just any pair goes. In fact, certain types of sunglasses will fail to safeguard your eyes and instead only give you a false sense of security. Here’s a look at three types of shades that don’t get the job done properly, so you know to avoid them when you’re shopping for the best sunglasses for protection.

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3 Ways to Get Your Eyes Prepped and Ready for Summer

True or false: Your eyes are consistent year-round, no matter the season. The answer, as you may have guessed, is false. The changes in weather, air pollution and other environmental factors that come with each season require that you take special care in different ways throughout the year to keep your eyes healthy. Some of the major culprits behind eye damage in the summertime include chlorine in pools, excess heat and lots of time spent in the sun. To help you keep your eyes in tip-top shape, here are a few tips to avoid dry eyes, red itchy eyes after swimming and the harmful effects of the sun. 

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Why It's Important to Wear Sunglasses During the Summer

If you’re like many of us, sunglasses are a fun accessory. Not only do they look cool, but they also help us avoid having to squint in the bright sunshine. But beyond all this, sunglasses serve a very important purpose in preventing UV damage to eyes. Here’s a little more information about when to wear sunglasses, along with some eyewear tips to keep your eyes in optimal health.

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