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What are the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape?

If you need prescription lenses, choosing new glasses can be a fun way to refresh your style and complement your appearance. But it’s not always that easy. Many people wonder, “how should glasses fit my face?” and have trouble finding “the right glasses for me.” And even if you’ve noticed eyeglasses you love on someone else’s face, there’s no guarantee the style and coloring will work well for you. Here are some tips on choosing glasses that you love, which also make you look (and feel) your best.


  1. What’s your face shape?

You may have heard people recommend choosing glasses based on face shape. But what if you’re not sure what your face shape is? Here’s how you can easily figure this out. First, grab a measuring tape. Measure the width of your forehead, the width of your chin and jawline and the vertical length of your face.


Then consider the following:

  • Oval faces are those with a longer vertical length and shorter width.
  • Square faces are those with a length and width that are the same (or nearly the same) as one another.
  • Round faces have similar measurements for length and width but do not have angles as square faces do.
  • Heart shaped faces are those that are much wider across the forehead and more narrow in the chin and jawline.


Most glasses frames look good on people with oval faces, although wide frames are often the most complementary. Square faces typically benefit from a little softening, so oval frames or those that are thin or clear are often best-suited for this face shape. Round faces usually need the opposite with angles and structure, so try out some rectangular frames. Heart shaped faces tend to look best with a little balance; you may want to consider frames that are wider at the bottom than they are on top. 


  1. What do pictures reveal?

Once you think you know your face shape and the best frames to complement it, review past pictures of yourself. Take a look at any pictures in the last couple of years that show you wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses. Simply laying them out side by side is likely to reveal which styles and colors bring out your best features.


Also, of the ones you currently own, consider which sunglasses or eyeglass frames you tend to gravitate toward most often. If you keep choosing your round frames and never get any use out of your oval frames, this might be a good indication that you prefer how you look in a rounder style.


  1. What’s your coloring like?

People generally fall into one of two categories with their coloring: warm or cool. Skin tone is usually classified by either warm undertones (like red) or cool undertones (like blue), hair is either warm (like golden-blonde) or cool (platinum blonde) and eye color is either warm (like light brown) or cool (like dark brown-black).


If you can figure out whether your coloring leans more warm or cool, you’ll know which color glasses will go well with your face. For instance, if you skew warm, you’ll tend to look better in warm-colored frames, like peach or red. But if you skew cool, cool-colored frames will usually look best, like dark tortoise-shell or silver.



Whatever style and color you end up choosing, your new glasses should make you feel confident and stylish. Please contact us to schedule an eye exam and find yourself the best pair of glasses for you.