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What is Cataracts Awareness Month?

 June is usually known as the month for hitting the pool (while wearing your best UV-protective sunglasses, of course). This is still the case, but did you know it’s also Cataracts Awareness Month? Considering that more than 22.3 million Americans suffer from cataracts, it’s good news that eye care providers and other health institutions are banding together to raise awareness of this issue and urge individuals to seek treatment.

In honor of Cataracts Awareness Month, here are three questions you might have about cataracts and cataract treatment - along with our best answers.

        1. Are cataracts preventable? 

While it’s hard to say if cataracts are entirely preventable, there is a lot you can do to decrease your risk factors for developing them. For instance, choosing nutrient-rich foods, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight go a long way in preventing the clouding of your eyes’ lenses. Additionally, avoid smoking, excess alcohol intake and excess UV exposure, and you’ll do a lot to stave off cataracts, the number one cause of blindness in the world.

        2. How are cataracts treated? 

Cataract surgery is usually the best option to treat cataracts by removing them altogether, although only you and your doctor can make the most informed decision as a team. The key to effectively removing cataracts before they cause damage to your vision is to identify them early. This means having regular eye exams and having your eyes checked right away if you start experiencing some common cataract symptoms (like blurriness, halos around lights, etc.). 

        3. Is cataract surgery safe? 

Yes. In fact, it’s well documented that more than 95 percent of cataract surgeries are successful, with less than five percent of procedures resulting in complications. Cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures available today, especially when done by a skilled surgeon who has experience with this particular operation.

No matter your age, it’s important to get your eyes checked at least once per year in order to identify developing cataracts or other eye issues. In honor of Cataracts Awareness Month, and to protect your vision and eye health, we invite you to schedule a consultation today with one of our skilled eye doctors.