Horizon Hosts Continuing Education for Phoenix Optometrists

Within the eye care community, Horizon Eye Specialists and LASIK Center is known as an industry leader in both surgery and technology, as well as, a provider of excellent patient care. It is because of this trust and belief in our abilities, doctors throughout the Phoenix metro area (and the state of Arizona) refer their own patients to Horizon Eye Specialists for surgical consultation and advanced medical care. These referring doctors include other ophthalmologists and optometrists, but also primary care providers, internists, neurologists and other medical sub-specialists.

Curious About Same-Day LASIK? Here Are The Answers to Some FAQs

Since we’ve introduced the concept of our same-day LASIK laser eye surgery, we’ve had a lot of interest - and some questions too. Some of the most common questions are similar to the ones we hear for traditional LASIK, but there are some more specific to this new offering.

Children's Eye Health & Eye Safety Awareness Month

Did you know there are approximately 12 million children who suffer from vision impairment? With so many of our children being afflicted, it’s important we all pay attention to kids’ eye safety and eye health, especially during August which is Children’s Eye Health & Eye Safety Awareness month.

What Exactly is Same-Day LASIK?

So you’ve heard about LASIK laser eye surgery, but did you know about our same-day LASIK procedure? If you’ve been thinking about getting LASIK surgery, this might be an option that’s up your alley. Here’s an overview of what this type of LASIK procedure entails, and whether you might want to consider it for yourself.

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