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LASIK After 40: Does Age Matter?

If you’ve considered getting LASIK laser eye surgery, you likely have done your research. But you may also have stumbled upon some LASIK myths while searching online. One of the most commonly perpetuated myths about vision correction surgery is that only young people are eligible candidates. While age can play a role in whether you’re a good candidate for LASIK or not, the number itself does not tell the whole story. Here’s a look at LASIK facts and how age comes into play.

Stable Vision

One of the reasons that someone seeking LASIK should be older than 21 is that they need to have a stable prescription. Young adults’ eyes are often still changing until around age 21, so doctors want to be sure that their eyesight has remained constant for about two years before moving forward with LASIK. By the same token, your eyes can start changing again around age 40 which is why some people question having LASIK after 40. But not every single person’s eyes change at this age, and even if your eyesight fluctuates a bit, you can still be an excellent candidate for LASIK once it has remained consistent again for at least two years.

No Other Eye Problems

Another reason why people mistakenly may believe that having LASIK after 40 isn’t ideal is because other eye problems may arise. But once again, this is completely dependent upon the individual. Some people are better candidates after age 40 if they’ve taken great care of their health than others might be in their early 20s. As long as your vision has remained stable for a couple years, and you have no other eye problems or diseases, you are absolutely able to have a successful LASIK procedure.  

Financially Able

Many people wait to have LASIK eye surgery until they’ve saved up some money. This is one advantage for undergoing the procedure later in life. You’re likely in a more stable financial position and able to comfortably afford fixing your eyesight. And even if money is tight for you, most LASIK centers offer a variety of financing options to help you attain the eyesight you’ve wanted for so long. Additionally, many employers offer FSA or HSA programs which can be applied to the cost of LASIK.

There’s an overview of some of the LASIK facts versus LASIK myths about how age may impact a person’s candidacy for laser eye surgery. If you’re wondering whether you meet the criteria for LASIK, check out these key signs. You can also review our tips for recovery from LASIK eye surgery here. Contact us today to ask about our exams or to schedule a LASIK consultation.