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Must-Do Eye Strengthening Activities to Help Slow Cataracts

The diagnosis of a cataract is nothing short of stressful. Degrading vision and poor eye health can affect every aspect of a person's living situation and can be devastating to a person’s quality of life. Cataracts are most often seen in aging adults and it's estimated that most adults in the U.S. will be diagnosed with this condition by the time they reach 85 years of age.

Perhaps due to this widespread and far-reaching condition, there are a variety of treatments and exercises available to slow the progression of cataracts. In particular, certain types of eye movement can help to slow the development of cataract symptoms. You take care of your body, why not include your eyes in your health care routine?

Why Should I Do Eye Exercises?

While these exercises can't cure any issues, they may improve your vision, strengthen your eyes, and provide relief from strain, as well as other eye health benefits. Eye health is one of the most important, and taken for granted, aspects of your body, and regular exercise can go a long way in aiding the body to have good health for life.  

How Will Eye Exercises Affect My Eyes?

Regular physical exercise and eye-specific exercises can help to jump-start and increase blood flow throughout your body. They can positively affect the lymphatic system, muscle tone and use, and strengthen your eyes. In combination with a regular physical exercise routine, these eye strengthening exercises can aid your vision and eye health.

The Exercises

There are quite a few different exercises you can try. Practice one or more of these exercises, or try eye yoga, each day and soon you'll see improvement and feel good about taking care of your eye health.

  • Roll Your Eyes: Look straight up and roll your eyes in a circle clockwise. Repeat this motion a few times, and then reverse the movement to counterclockwise. Repeat this cycle two or three times. There’s no need to overstrain your eyes, simply rolling your eyes is a gentle enough activity that actually feels good. Thing of it as yoga for the eyes!
  • Stare at the Bridge of Your Nose: Without straining, bring your eyes together to focus on the bridge of your nose, and then look straight ahead. After a moment, look at the bridge of your nose again. Repeat this movement about five times.
  • Massage: Close your eyes, and then hold your eyes shut for three seconds. Relax the muscles again, and then repeat this movement two or three times.

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