What To Know About Sports Eye Safety Month

Many kids, teens and adults are involved in sports, enjoying these pastimes as a way to stay fit, compete and grow their skills. Unfortunately, sports injuries, including eye injuries, are a reality of such activities. Although sports risks will always be present, there are steps parents and athletes can take to reduce them. In honor of this Sports Eye Safety month, here are some suggestions about how to protect your eyes.

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How Genetics Determine Your Eye Color

At Horizon, our skilled doctors look at eyes all day long. And even though we focus on comprehensive eye care and surgery, it’s always fun when patients start asking us about eye color. Whether you’re interested in what’s behind eye color genetics, or expecting a child and wondering, “what color will my baby’s eyes be?” - we can give you some information about how it all works.  

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Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Winter

If you’ve been a regular at your optometrist’s office over the years, and wear contact lenses or glasses, you’re probably pretty familiar with eye care best practices. Wash your hands if you need to touch your eyes. Take out your contacts every night. Use allergy drops if your eyes get irritated in certain high-allergen seasons. See your eye doctor at least once per year. The list goes on… but did you know that your eye health requires some additional attention in the colder months of the year? It’s true. Here are some winter health tips for you, so you can keep your eyes in great shape all year long. 

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December is Safe Toys & Celebrations Month

It’s mid-December and you’re full-swing in the holiday spirit… and who can blame you? This is many people’s favorite time of year, a magical season for kids and adults alike. But along with the gingerbread lattes, boughs of holly and gift exchanges are some serious safety concerns. Especially when it comes to children, there are some real risks with Christmas toy safety. In fact, roughly 10 percent of kids’ eye injuries that result in ER visits are caused by toys. 

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November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

Most of us are pretty familiar with what diabetes is, but have you heard about diabetic eye disease? This term refers to a group of different eye conditions that people with diabetes often have, including diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema (DME), cataracts and glaucoma.

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