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Vision Correction vs. LASIK: Which is Right For You?

We have plenty of patients who visit us and are eligible for LASIK, but on the fence about getting the vision correction surgery or just sticking it out with glasses or contacts. They wonder, “should I get LASIK?” or whether there are other LASIK alternatives to pursue instead. If this sounds like your situation, here’s a look at some of the factors to think through as you make this important decision.

Revisit Your Vision

Some of us incorrectly assume LASIK is only for people with poor vision. Or they think, “My vision is not bad enough for LASIK.” Regardless of how strong your prescription is, if you need glasses or contacts to correct your vision, LASIK is a viable option. While it’s true LASIK vision correction can have a seemingly greater impact on patients with extremely poor vision, we shouldn’t underestimate how it can significantly improve the quality of life for patients with mild to medium prescriptions as well. For example, what if you’re someone who only wears glasses for nighttime driving? What if you lose or forget your glasses and need to drive your kids home from a nighttime soccer practice? Wouldn’t it be nice to safely drive home without glasses? Or perhaps you're squinting to see a friend across the room at the gym because you don’t like to work out with glasses? Or maybe you can’t stand the idea of sticking a contact lens in your eye and constantly forget your glasses for various activities? LASIK vision correction can improve quality of life for all levels of prescription - mild, medium and high.

The takeaway? Whether you need glasses or contacts all the time or only occasionally, LASIK can significantly improve your quality of life.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Second, how does limited vision impact your lifestyle? For example, do you like to swim, run or do yoga? Are you active and/or outdoors often? If so, these factors make you especially well-suited for LASIK. A lot of sports, activities and hobbies require time spent outside or in situations where glasses are just not practical to wear.

Of course, some people choose to wear contacts if they’re particularly active, but even this isn’t always ideal. If you like to camp, for example, and spill your contact solution, you either have to wear your contacts longer than recommended (which can damage your eyes) or go about the rest of your trip without seeing clearly. Both are pretty suboptimal options.

And, many folks who wear contacts know that other issues, like eye allergies, can make contact wearing particularly unpleasant even in regular circumstances. If you’re active and/or outside often, LASIK is definitely the way to go.

Review Your Finances

Last, but not least, compare the costs. Not only is LASIK more affordable than you might think it is, but it can also save you money in the long run when you compare the one-time costs to the ongoing costs of other forms of vision correction. Here is a handy breakdown that shows the overall expenses of LASIK vs. glasses or contacts. The conclusion is that the sooner you can afford or finance LASIK, the more you’ll end up saving over a lifetime of vision correction.

Interested in taking the next step toward LASIK today? Contact us today to ask about our exams and schedule a consultation.