How Your Vision Changes as You Age

We often are asked by patients about what vision changes are normal at every age, and whether they should be concerned about age related eye problems or eye diseases commonly associated with older age. To help you out, here’s a breakdown of what to expect, along with some tips for what you can do to positively impact your eyesight and eye health as you age. 

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Are You Suffering from Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is usually found in people who are 40 years of age. People with presbyopia experience blurred vision of near objects. The exact cause of presbyopia is not known yet and this condition is considered as a natural part of our aging process. The flexibility of the natural crystalline lens deteriorates in individuals suffering from presbyopia. This condition may feel to you as if it suddenly happened, but actually the loss of lens flexibility is a gradual process that takes years to become noticeable. Presbyopia is not considered a disease and at the moment does not have a preventive treatment. The major symptoms of presbyopia include blurred vision, strains after reading for a long time and feeling tired or having a headache after reading in low-light environments.

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