3 Ways Winter Can Affect Eyes

The Winter season often brings the celebration of holidays, seasonal activities and foods, and colder weather. Unfortunately, red itchy eyes in winter and weird vision changes often come along with it. What can be done for eyes that are affected by cold temperatures and dry air? Here are some tips. 

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What Causes Under-eye Bags and How to Prevent Them

Dark, puffy, and swollen under-eyes are an unfortunate reality for many.  How does this happen and what can be done about it? Here’s what you need to know about under-eye “bags.” 

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3 Things to Know About Sleeping in Your Contacts

Anyone who wears contact lenses knows that they can sometimes be a hassle. Although they have the best intentions to take them out every night, many people find themselves occasionally sleeping with contacts in. But this is a big mistake. Even if the lenses are “extended wear” or designed to be “slept in”, sleeping in your contacts regularly or even occasionally, can cause damage. Nothing is healthier for the eyes or better for vision than removing the contact lenses at bedtime.  So if you’ve ever wondered, “Can I sleep with contacts in?” - the answer is always “no.” Here’s why, along with some eye health tips to keep your eyes in top shape. 

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